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1. Outstanding Principal Balance on a Loan


Use this calculators if you'd like to know how much you will still owe on a loan after a certain number of years. Enter principal amount, interest rate, maturity period and the number of payments made as of now then claculate your balance on your loan.

2. Check how much you can save on Loan Transfer


Use this calculator it helps you analyze to transfer an existing loan from the current bank to another bank offering a different deal. Our calculator helps you how much you can save yearly by transferring your loan to another bank with new low interest rate.

3. Compare Multiple Loans And Select the right Option for You

Loans Amount Interest Loan Tenure (in Years)   
Loan 1*

Loan 2*

Loan 3*

Use this calculator to computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments for three loans at the same time. You can also use it to compare the total payments and total interest paid for different interest rates, loan terms and monthly payments.

4. Calculate Home Loan EMI


Use this calculator to compute the monthly payments on your loan. Enter your cost of property, how much money you need to pay as down payment, interest rate and loan period.

5. Calculate Eligible Home Loan


Use this calculator to find home loan eligibility of an individual based on the net salary he earns. Enter your salary amount and if any loan installments paid monthly then get your loan amount.

5. Calculate Personal Loan Open Market Eligibility

Use this calculator to determine the maximum loan amount for which you may qualify for the personal loan based on your salary income.

5. Calculate EMI


How much will a loan cost you every month?Use this calculator check your applicable EMI for the amount of loan you wish to take from the bank. Enter your loan amount, interest rate and loan period then calculate your home loan EMI in seconds.

6. Loan Amortization Schedule


This Calculator gives a detailed view of your monthly loan installments on your Loan amount for certain period at a particular Rate of Interest i.e.it gives you a month by month break-up of the Principle & Interest Payable towards the Loan. With Amortization Calculator, one can calculate the total cost a person has to pay on a Loan at a particular ROI for the specified tenure.

7. Calculate Daily Interest


Use this calculator the number of days between your last payment, the interest rate, and your loan balance determines the amount of interest that accrues each month.

8.Benfit of Reducing Balance VS Flat Interest Rate


Many people are worried about the difference between Reduced Balance Vs Flat Interst rate option. Use this calculator to comapre and select the best option which saves you more.

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